public relations services
One of Pakistan's leading public relations and communications consultants. Based in Karachi, with and representation in Islamabad & Lahore, it is staffed with highly trained and experienced professionals with cumulative experience of over 55 years.

MPR is Pakistan's first PR & Communications Agency to introduce PR 2.0 and is successfully managing Online Social Media for its clients. Furthermore, MPR's association with SAHARA Communications GCC based world's largest PR company in property sector adds to its expertise, making it a local company with an international reach.

WHAT IS PR? Perception Reputation Credibility
  • Public relations is not propaganda or mere publicity, neither is it just about the media.
  • Public relations, is the strategic management of an organization’s objectives.
  • Good public relations help build a relationship with your audience.
  • Does people's perception of your organization match the reality? You know you're doing great things, but do your public?
  • An organizationís reputation is as important as their product. Without it you can sell nothing.
  • great things, but do your public?
  • Your audience will only have confidence in your product if what you're saying is credible.
    Public Relations work in every sphere of life so you need many ways of communicating your message. Whether you're creating awareness of your product or want your issue on the national agenda, effective public relations is not a short term activity. If you're communicating with a national market, a local community or high profile opinion formers your public relations needs to be sustained to be effective.